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Rules of use for Bjørkheim Sauna

Bjørkheim sauna should be a pleasure for everyone, both for you who are here now and for those who will come here after you. The sauna must also not cause inconvenience to neighbors or others in the area. Therefore, we have created some simple rules of use, which everyone is required to follow.

  1. Make sure you leave the sauna in the same condition as when you arrived.

  2. Sit on a towel that is so large that you are not in direct contact with the benches.

  3. It is not allowed to eat food or snacks in the sauna.

  4. Only use clean fresh water on the sauna stones

  5. It is forbidden to consume alcohol in the Teigavika bathing area. Alcohol Act §8-9.

  6. If there are others in the sauna as well, you must take care of them. Do not use more space than necessary! Show common folk customs.

  7. It is not allowed to let in people who you know have not paid for access.

  8. Show consideration to others who are in Teigavika, and not least to those who live in the area!

    Thank you very much for following these rules!


Serious breaches of the rules may result in termination of the agreement, exclusion, eviction and/or compensation claims.

Other terms and conditions
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